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  • prop prices

    I know Power Tech is a good prop but gee....

    Honda Solas HR Titan 4 blade, $429.00
    Honda Power Tech 4 blade $720.30

    Are they that much better?

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    Prop prices

    Where are you getting your pricing? I highly recommend I Their prices are better than anywhere else I've found. And to answer your question, I don't thing Power Tech props are any better than Solas. They are good props, don't get me wrong, but not any better than many of the others. If you are thinking that going to a 4 blade prop is an up-grade, consider that you may get a better hole shot with a 4 blade, but you will get better fuel mileage and more speed with a 3 blade if you will just use your power trim button like you should. I've used both 3 and 4 blade and in my humble opinion, the difference between the two isn't worth spending extra money on unless you just need a spare. Some will disagree with these comments and that's OK. That's just my opinion on the matter.

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      Ours came with a powertech. I like it and would buy another.
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        I agree with both replies. I've run a powertech prop 4 years now and it's proven to be tough and reliable. Never owned a Solas but lots of people own and like them.

        For Powertech dealers, I'd add Propgods as a good source. Call and speak to Ken for great service and prices.
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