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    I am sure if you purchase from Carolina skiff. you have a Vault huib on your trailer. MIne is 7 years pass the 5 year warantty. Anyone knows if the vault hub is good pass 7 years. Also any recommendation on who will maintain vault hub othere than theb dealer in katy.
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    I've never heard of them until now. In my area, Grease or the Tidewater oiled units are the norm.

    You should be able to do them yourself. The most important part of that assembly after the outer cap is the rear axle seal, and judging by their parts lists the seals are over the counter units at good auto parts stores.

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      Oil bath systems

      Doesn't trailer brand have more to do with what lubrication system you get? My EZLoader is equipped with what I believe to be Reliable oil bath hubs, not Vault.

      I'd call my trailer company or Vault hubs and see what they recommend.
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