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  • Tundra!

    had a pretty cool car buying experience.....

    a couple of we2eks ago I had my 2016 2wd Tundra in for regular service. A few days later I get a call from the dealership: "We want your trade!". I was't in the market, but I listened. I really didn't think they could make a deal that I was prepared to take. But I figured, hey.. if I can get something brand new and upgraded for what I'm paying now, then why not?

    So.... I've been pretty busy lately at both home and work. Haven't had much time to get the boat in the water much less shop for a new truck. So I told them that I was interested but had to work over phone and email. They pretty bluntly said that they'd give me the best deal on my trade, but I had to go in. They wouldn't do anything at all over the phone. Well.. there are 3 other Toyota dealers here in town, so I went online and took a look.

    They all responded. Normally, I work on the overall price of the truck. But in this case they had 72mos at 0% interest. So this time I negotiated the note. I played all 3 against each other and kept whittling down their offer on the monthly note $3-$5 at a time. But it all worked out. I got a brand new 2019 Tundra CrewMax 4WD... It's better equipped than my 2016 was and stickered for $8k more. My payment is now $5 more than what I've been paying. All said and done, when you throw in the trade I'll actually pay less for this truck than I would had I kept my old one! Very excited!

    Feeling a lot safer now on some of those sketchy boat ramps!

    2014 JVX20, 90 Suzuki, Riptide ST80 w/iPilot, Lowrance HDS5

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    👍 Nice
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