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Removing hull graphics to add boat name

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  • Removing hull graphics to add boat name

    Curious to get opinions on whether I should consider removing the graphics from my 2016 JVX 18 to make room for the boat name lettering. There is very little usable space for lettering on this boat and I've never been a big fan of these graphics anyway. They don't look *bad*, but I could live without them. Would they be difficult to remove? Would it require chemicals or a heat gun? Do you think it would hurt resale value or "sellability" for some reason?

    Another thought is to simply put the boat name on the sides of the console in much smaller lettering, but not sure if that's what I want to do either.
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    Your boat is fairly new, but another thing to consider is when removing graphics, the hull color may have been bleached out by sun exposure, so when the graphics are removed, you will still see the outline.
    Do you have any room on the transom for lettering?


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      I put mine on the transom.


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        If you decide to remove, highly recommend Turtle Wax Label & sticker remover. Much better than heat gun. Some times you can squeeze the lettering in.

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