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Changing fuel lines , A Proactive aproach

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  • Changing fuel lines , A Proactive aproach

    The fuel situation is not getting any better
    E-10 & E-15 could be coming soon ( DON'T USE IT IF IT DOSE )
    Change your fuel line & Primer every 5 years is a smart move

    MY skiff is a 2008 with the old deck track
    I needed to remove it to replace a Transducer any way so why not do the fuel line
    It had been about 7 years & it was nasty old Silverado 3000 so out it went ....
    This old line would often roll up the liner & push it back into the outer shale leaving no E-10 barrier
    or blocking you line all together or partially

    I also recommend & installed A pressure relief demand valve by Atwood $15-$20 .

    This goes between your tank & primer making fuel delivery easy never vapor lock or even slow to prime .
    I have them on Both our boats now :)
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    I cannot find ethanol free gas in Fort Worth, TX, so I use Premium and apply the fuel additive to minimize separation. Not sure what else I can do.


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      It sucks! When I lived in Central NC I couldn't find non-ethanol so I used premium gas with Startron. Over a period of time it cost me around $1500 at dealership with gummed up engine. After moving to the coast, I can get non-ethanol at most stores. But I still treat the "non-ethanol" just in case, some testing has been done and apparently all advertised non-ethanol gas is not 100% ethanol free
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        STAR TRON is in my opinion is best by far...

        I posted this video before but it's worth a re post

        It's a long video but it really enplanes it well ....
        WV 08 DLV198 HONDA 115
        sigpicOBX 99 C-HAWK 13 YAMAHA 150