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Suzuki 90 Motor Flush

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  • Suzuki 90 Motor Flush

    Where is keep my boat is handy to a car wash for rinsing off the salt...but not at all handy to flush the faucet. Any ideas about how to flush the engine.
    I did have one idea...if I could run 5 gallons of water (with corrosion guard) through the flush port would it do any good?

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    That would defiantly be better than nothing. But my mechanic made a valid point on my 2006 Suzuki 115 about using the flush port instead of running the motor with muffs. With engine cold, the thermostat is not open which does not let water circulate through entire cooling system.
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      I read that if you are using the flush port with a hose attached the motor should NOT be running as there is no water supplied for the impeller and it may damage it. A motor running flush is used with the hose and "Muffs"
      on the water intake for the impeller.

      I flush with the muffs on the intake with the motor running, but will occasionally also do a motor off flush thru the port.


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        Motor flush

        I would not be running the engine hose is available.


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          I'm surprised that carwashes near the coast haven't added a flush station in their stalls. I think it would be an awesome idea. Dump your quarters in for the time desired and have a hose to connect your muffs to. I know my neighbors would appreciate not hearing my engine fire up at 10pm to flush after a day in salt water. And I'd like not waiting the 3 hour ride home to do so.
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