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    I wondering if anyone has used this to launch their skiff by themselves
    Looks useful but I guess a rope would do the same thing?

    T-H Marine Z-LAUNCH 15 ft Watercraft Launch Cord

    Made for easy solo launching, the T-H Marine Z-LAUNCH 15 ft Watercraft Launch Cord automatically adjusts tension as you back your craft into the water and expands up to 20 feet, so it won't jerk. The spring-loaded clasp is simple to attach, so you can be on the water quickly.
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    I launch a 238DLV all the time by myself. If the water is calm, I just back next to the dock and when it floats I stop the truck and walk back and step in and tie it off. If there is wind I loop a small line over the upright pvc trailer guide on the dock side just in case, and I choose the side that will push the boat to the dock. But keep in mind these are lake launches with no tidal movement....
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      You can buy a lot of rope for $50. I got a 50' utily anchor line with a clip for about $5 at Walmart. I use it when pier fishing,
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        This is how I do it when alone. Sorry for the wind in the video
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