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replacing fish finder

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  • replacing fish finder

    I just purchased 2011 18'JVX. Hummingbird fish finder does not work so replacing unit and transducer. I see wire to transducer going under center console and exit at well in front of motor. Is there a tunnel moulded under the deck for this wiring? I also see plastic tubing for all other electrical from console to motor. Any best way to install new transducer cable?
    Am thinking using wire like electricians use to route wiring to boxes.
    Thanks for any help.

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    Remove the old d'ucer , cut the puck off ...
    Now you can use the old wire to pull the new threw from the stern
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      Or, if you want to save the wire, Attach masonry twine to the FF end of the wire, tape up that connection real good with electrical tape, and pull it out through the stern. The tie it to the new wire and repeat.

      It's a good idea to tie another piece onto the wire, and pull that forward, too. Then you'll have a pull string in place for the next project.

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        Thanks for the hints. Next project is adding battery charger dual bank, one lead for starting battery and other for trolling motor. Any suggestions as to where to put charger, inside console? I can get battery leads aft with aforementioned hints but how about lead going forward to trolling motor battery? Is there space between deck and hull?
        Thanks again for all help.