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Water Temps.

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  • Water Temps.

    Took the ole girl out yest. for a joy ride at the power plant, Indian River. Temps. at 45.9. I've caught crabs there at 49, won't be long if this weather continues.

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    MD Crabbing

    Come on April 1st and water temp of 50 degrees. Picking my CS JVX 18 DF50AV up one day next week for a sea trial. Can't wait to get her rigged and ready for dipping. Got a lot to do because I elected to install every thing myself because when I checked out the cost of things and what the dealer wanted to provide and install them I was shocked. An average of over 5 times higher. ie cost of a switch = $35 dealer wanted $200 to provide and install it. Not my cup of tea.


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      Make sure to use 3M 5200 on all screws. They didn't on mine and ended up with water in my Hull. The center console etc.
      Gonna try ring traps on Monday afternoon at Indian River if the wind stays down.


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        When does the season open in Delaware?


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          You can trot,trap,and handline 24/7/365. You cannot use pots from Dec.1st til March 1st Those are the commercial type pots.24"x24" etc.